Hallo Fans.  We all talk about the different places to go and when to visit them and what are the best sites to see.  Check out all the stops we did on our month long tour with Party Bus Boston. However I have many of my followers that contact me with troubles finding the best modes of transportation and best navigation practices in different places.  A lot of the emails have a frustrated undertone to them as what they wanted to see and do didn’t come to be due to being in a foreign place and choosing a less than reputable avenue of getting around.  We are going to give a few plugs and shout outs to a few companies.  We usually never give shameless plugs but transportation can make or break the trip.

Travel Limo

Modes of Transportation

Everything depends on where you are and what your plans are.  If you are in New York City in the States, you don’t want to rent a moped, however it might be safer and cheaper than taking a taxi cab which are not known for being safe.

Limousine Rental

The only place I have ever seen this as the better mode of transportation is in the states and on a short term level.  When I was traveling around the New England (as you all know, one of my favorite places to be), I had a great experience with limo service in New Haven CT and a Party Bus in Rhode Island.  My family and I rented and we also partied later that night on a Party Bus in Down Town Providence.  However it’s very important to do your research on this and make sure it’s a reputable limo company.  If you have a large group like we did always use a shuttle or Party Bus Rental RI just do to the fact that they fit more people and you won’t be squished.  Some companies call them limo buses.  When we were in Providence one time with a large group we  This can make or break the trip.  The driver should know the city you are traveling like the back of his hand.  Reason being, navigation systems can be tricky in the cities with traffic.  Our trip was in Providence Rhode Island and I can say it was great.  Driver was awesome and I would recommend the to anyone. The Limousine rental was also great.  I can tell you that we were a little tight in the limo and couldn’t stand up, but the experience was great.  All of you know I love to travel to New England anyhow so whenever I need a limo in Boston I know who to call or Party Bus Boston MA.

Renting a Car

Renting a car can be one of the safest most reliable forms of transportation for you and your family if you have one.  Especially now with GPS/SatNav one can get lost but not for long typically.  Press a few buttons and you can quickly find your destination.  When visiting Ireland we rented a car, it was a Yugoslavian auto maker which is not known for their reliability but we had no issues with it whatsoever.  I can say that there was 1 major obstacle, I along with most people in the world drive on the right side of the road, however in Ireland it’s the opposite.  It was definitely something that took some time getting used to but after a few heart stopping moments I got used to it and was glad I chose to do so.  When I visited Florida, we rented another vehicle and the experience was similar.  Car rental companies in the states have a much better reputation than those in other countries.  We used a company called Avis and it was the easiest experience we had ever experienced.  They don’t just use 1 car company to get their vehicles from.  There are many different companies they get their vehicles from and all are inspected before and after all rentals.  If you have an issue with your car, they will replace it with no questions asked.  Renting from the wrong company can land you stranded though.  Nothing like having to call a tow truck in the middle of the night.  We needed a tow truck in newport news Virginia when we rented from the wrong low budget car service.  The owner was awesome and made the best out of a bad situation.  Shout out to our Friends at Newport News Towing Service

Bus Tours

I would have to say that most people I have spoken with who chose to take bus tours and accept that fact that your autonomy is limited tend to love it.  What I’ve seen is that most people who have a positive experience using a bus tour for travels tend to be over the age of 50 and would recommend it to people the speak with.  For Bus Tours we recommend you check with US coachways.  If you want to have fun on the way Check with Party Bus Boston

Remember folks, always always do your research.  Look online at reviews and try and separate the overly critical from the normal problems.  Thanks guys and as always, Happy Travels.

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Traveling To New England

Chances are, if you are not from the States then you have never heard of New England.  If you look at a map of the US, New England is the 6 most north east states of the country.  It is comprised of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

New England


There is an old saying by famous author Mark Twain:  If you don’t like the weather in New England; wait a minute.  He said this because the weather is very quick to change.  I have seen it go from 80 F to 35 F within 12 hours.  I’ve seen it snow 2 days before May and be 90 F in December.  However, there are obviously certain patterns that hold true and New Englanders love and hate at the same time.  Summer tends to be short, 3 months if you are lucky.  Fall is usually 2 months, 3 if old man winter shows up late and spring is typically 1-2 months.  Winter can feel like it lasts forever, I’ve seen it snow 1 Foot in October and snow 2 feet close to May.  However nothing beats the beauty of New England:










Culture of the people

A lot of folks would call the people of New England, cold like the winters.  I never found this to be true living there.  Yes, they are not as quick to speak to you in public, acknowledge you in the shopping centers, however some of the longest friendships I have are from people who live in this region of the US.  It’s kind of like lighting a fire on a cold New England night, it takes time to warm up but once it does it burns forever.

Food of New England

Depending on which state you are traveling to, the food can be quite different.  A lot of it is made farm to table, meaning local and fresh.  To a lot of people who live elsewhere, this can seem like a norm.  However if you ever visit the states you will find that almost all of the food is highly processed.  Here are a few of the signature dishes of New England:



Mainers love everything lobster.  The lobster that comes out of the waters of Maine is sweeter than most that I’ve tasted around the world.



Clam Chowder is a signature dish of New England, but heavily eaten around Mass.



Apizza.  That’s right, not pizza, but Apizza.  The picture below says it all!  It’s big, it’s thin and it’s great!  Families have been split apart over what pizzeria makes the best apizza.


Obviously there are other foods that each of these states is known for, Vermont makes great Maple Syrup, for those of you outside of the US it would be tough to explain what this means over a huge plate of pancakes….hmmmm.



If anyone ever asks me what place I would ever not only travel to in the States but if I had to live in the states, it would be in the New England area.  Maybe not as far north as Maine as the winters there can be really cold, but there are 5 others to chose from and they are all equally great.  Make sure you stop by the historical sights in the Boston area where a lot of the country’s wars were fought.






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Watch Out For Scams When You Travel Abroad

Hola everyone, Lynn here.  

Have you ever gone on vacation and had such a wonderful time that you had to brag to your friends about it.  Then come to find out one of your friends went to the same country and had the proverbial “tourist nightmare”?  Maybe they got their purse stolen or god forbid even worse. 

Depending on what part of the globe you visit, there maybe a whole host of different schemes and scams going on, but a lot of them are typically similar no matter where you go.  I’m going to focus on Europe since it’s a very popular destination as of late and I’ve always felt that most people visiting Europe tend to let their guard down vs let’s say Mexico.  (Nothing against Mexico, but crime, kidnapping and drugs are prevalent there).

Here are a few things to keep your guard up if you are taking a trip to Europe:

1.  Pickpockets


Wherever you go in Europe you must be cautious of these sneaks hiding and lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce or rather bump into you.  It’s actually a lot less dramatic that I’m making it sound or you tend to see on television.  This typically happens in broad day light and in a very crowded place, a train or a place where many people are gathered.  One would think that a crime should be committed with no witnesses but in the case of the pickpocket you would be very wrong.  Most people have no idea that they have had their valuables taken until minutes or hours after the theft has happened.  A typical pickpocket will bump into you and snatch your wallet or if they are very skilled they can take almost anything.

What to do?

You didn’t travel all the way to Paris, Germany or wherever to just stay in the hotel or hostel the whole time did you?  The best thing to do is first and foremost be aware of your surroundings.  That means anyone behind or to your sides.  Do your best to keep a little distance from anyone standing near you so you are not easily bumped into and picked.  Next – keep all valuables in your front pockets and keep all purse and hand bags to your front.  This helps keep you less vulnerable to the would be thieves.

2.  The Ring Trick


This is another more sneaky version of the classic pick pocket.  This actually happened to one of my friends while visiting Italy.  Here is the typical set up:  You are walking down the street and someone who is dressed similar to you and is posing as a tourist will point out a ring on the ground.  They will typically ask if it’s yours and almost try and force you to take it.  This travel scam is almost always done to women.  While you are either politely refusing this “kind gesture” or accepting the nice gift, someone is typically behind you helping themselves to whatever you have inside your purse.  The ring is merely a distraction while someone else roots through your purse and makes off with your valuables.

What to do?

Accept nothing from strangers unless it’s directions..and even then, only if you are asking for them.

3.  Evil Temptress

Evil Temptress

Everyone loves to by a pretty lady a drink and there is nothing wrong with that.  Unless you are being played for a mark.  If you are a guy and you typically get hit on, there is probably nothing to be worried about.  However if you are noticing that the girls look like super models and are asking you for drinks; maybe be a little cautious.  How this scam typically works is the group of girls will recommend a great place to have a few drinks together that is just up the street.  After you get there, all seems normal and everyone is having a great time.  The next thing you know they are wishing you farewell and giving you their fake cell phone numbers.  OK, so where is the scam?  Wait until the bill gets to your table.  It will be enough to make your head spin.

The trick with any of these is to just be aware of your surroundings.  Obviously customs are different in Europe and around the world than you might be used to, but if something seems very off to you and smells fishy – it probably is. Check out where we traveled in Connecticut.  Limo Service Hartford

Happy travels.

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Happy Travels

Hallo Freunde,

Now that the summer is in full effect everyone is looking to get their travel on as they say.  It always puzzles me why on earth people only travel in the summer time typically; at least internationally speaking.  Yes, I know aside from certain places that have odd seasons to stay away from like the rainy season in Ireland etc.  Let’s not forget beautiful seasons like spring (summer’s lovely cousin), Fall and yes, dare I even say it…Winter!  Yes folks, all of the seasons have something to offer when it comes down to traveling.

Let’s take a look at Winter throughout the Globe











Have you ever seen a more picturesque landscape?  Yes, I know it’s freezing in a lot of these destinations, however if you are like most people then you are traveling with someone special.  Spend some time skiing in the swiss alps and then bundle up at night time with your sweetheart.  When speaking with a lot of people regarding the cold weather vs the hot weather when planning your destination, I always hear the same thing:  Almost every place these days has Air conditioning.  Well I guess on the flip side of that, every place has heat these days.  I would say that summer obviously has the most “active” activities that you can do, however I feel the other seasons have way more to offer.  So bundle up, get out there and have a good time this coming winter….and remember, most places offer discounts for winter travel.

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